Register your Organisation with the Satanic Yearbook.



This Webform is given so that people will be able to register their own Black Metal and Satanic organisations under the Satanic Yearbook. We do ask that people only use this Webform to register their own group once - although if somebody is running a group whereby a number of groups are represented by one organisation, people are welcome to use this form one for each seperate entry. For example, if a Black Metal distribution group are dealing with a number of seperate bands under one Label, then this Webform could be used once for each seperate band represented by that Label. Further to that, if anyone could describe themselves as "Satanic", then this Website is available to use freely as a resource. The Satanic Yearbook are also happy to represent the Lovecraftian, and other groups who might be represented under this banner, for example the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. If anyone might have any questions regarding this, then please feel free to contact us here via this e-mail. We ask that submissions be less than 400 words.



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