To The Satanic Underground

Notes on the Strategy of the

Satanic Yearbook Foundation.





If this document would describe the Aims and Intent of ourselves as an Independent Satanic Temple, then the Satanic Yearbook Foundation are hereby declared as a new organisation dedicated to representing a Universal Satanic religion. Our Website is delivered in order to clearly describe the Intentions of the Satanic Yearbook Foundation, and has been specifically issued in order to provide a web form whereby Satanic and Black Metal organisations, bands and related Chapels to be organised in order to organise towards a unified Satanic cause.



The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth are a new religious organisation established to honour the existence of the Great OId Ones as one religious truth. At the same time we organise to support Satanic religion. Our religious Manifesto can be accessed at, but further to this we are established to support one Infernal religion of Satanism as one unified cause. If world religions can be seen as standing as equal, there is one true religion of Satanism, and the Cult of R'lyeh believe that Satanism as a large number of unified but chaotic organisations, should be organised to be represented as one. This website gives our Manifesto statement and discusses our web form whereby the religious movement of Satanism can be unified as one Infernal cause.

The Satanic Yearbook Foundation offer our Website to organise towards a unified Satanic Cause. We are also organised to support the religion of the Horned God by sending out as much Satanic literature and music as possible as our declared project, and people should e-mail us if they would like to be involved with sending stuff out for Satanic organisations on their behalf. We would also welcome anyone with any involvement with anything Satanic to please forward our details and our Website URL to people who might also be interested in being involved.



The Satanic Yearbook Foundation offer an open door policy, whereby anyone with any involvement with anything Satanic is welcome to get involved. Our e-mail link is given as a part of this document, and if you would like us to carry information on your behalf, or if you'd like to be involved in any way at all, then people are more than welcome to get involved.



The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are a recently founded organisation dedicated to the research and promotion of Satanic groups on an international basis. It is our view that Satanic religion is a cause that is justified and is a cause which is sound. However, due to the nature of Satanic religion to worship Lucifer as a religious God, it has always been a religion which has been chaotic and disorganised since its inception at the beginning of the human race. The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are established to change this, and declare this as being our intention to work towards a more serious basis of organisation under these terms. This essay is a short declaration of intentions towards organisation, and is delivered as a statement as to our strategy in light of some of the lessons learned through the brief history of the campaign work already established by our organisation.






The Infernal Declaration.



It is the declared intention of The Satanic Yearbook Foundation that we work towards publishing a comprehensive listing of Satanic organisations and black metal bands on an annual basis. With work already having begun on a serious basis, we already have a fairly large amount of work published to explain our reasons for organising on these terms. However, our main statement along these lines is our pamphlet publication, The Infernal Declaration. This statement is freely available from us on request, and we make a point of including a copy with most of our outgoing mail where we are able to do so. At the same time this statement is also available online, and can be found at the URL reference The online version of this statement includes a straight forward web form, which we have issued on the basis that people can use cyberspace in order to be able to easily issue a short written statement, which will in turn be used for inclusion with The Satanic Yearbook when this is eventually published. This is currently dead lined for early 2017 or 2018, assuming everything goes according to plan.






The Satanic Yearbook Foundation. Who we support.



The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are specifically established to research and to support the issue of Satanic religion. However, the intended Aims of our project go further than this, and we have openly declared our support for other small scale statements of secular religion. On specific terms, the SYF also declare our support for other religious issues, such as Discordianism, Chaos Magick Theory, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of Thelema and other secular religious groups. On a personal basis, as the Head of The Satanic Yearbook Foundation I have a specific personal interest in anything relating to the Lovecraftian, and if anyone who might be representative of any of these religious causes might be interested in offering support to our project, then this would be openly welcomed on the basis of mutual terms.






How should an organisation issue a Statement for inclusion withThe Satanic Yearbook?



The website that we have already discussed includes a straightforward web form from which people are openly invited to use in order to issue a statement to describe their group. This statement will be taken as it is for inclusion with The Satanic Yearbook, and if there are any issues here then we will get back in touch. At the same time we will acknowledge that this doesn’t work for everyone, and we will also accept statements issued through use of e-mail. People are welcome to use any of our declared e-mail addresses for this reason, and our address at would be best. If necessary we will also accept written statements through use of postal mail. Under certain circumstances we are also willing to take statements directly from the Internet. However, whilst it would work directly for those involved if we were to do this, we would need clear and specific permission to do this. It is suggested that if groups might like to take us up on this, then they should contact the SYF through use of e-mail. People are openly invited to get in touch if there are any issues or questions for discussion regarding any of these point






Technology and cyberspace. Issues of tactics and discussion.



A large part of the work upheld by the SYF includes the use of cyberspace and current technology as offering new opportunities for organisation towards action. At the same time we would acknowledge a large part of the movement that we represent, who have issues regarding use of the Internet and current movements with technology, and who have voiced their opposition to it. If this describes you, we would still welcome you to be involved. We are happy to accommodate views such as this if this might be necessary to support small scale groups, and we would still welcome people to issue statements regarding their group, as well as literature for distribution, despite any possible issues regarding tactics towards representation. We make the point clear that we stand to exploit cyberspace as current technology towards organisation, whilst at the same time we are happy to deal with cassettes and so forth if this stands to represent those who the SYF have declared our support.




Distribution of literature and publicity.



With the issues already having been discussed, The Satanic Yearbook Foundation uphold this as our declared tactics towards organisation, with this standing as a platform to distribute literature and publicity for secular religious groups on the biggest scale that we are able to do so. We see secular religion as being also a statement of artistic expression, and if we are organised towards sending out as much publicity for Satanic groups and black metal bands as possible, then this is on the basis of standing as an activist movement to uphold the views already discussed with this Statement. We are constantly organising towards getting our hands on more of this literature in question, and as an organisation we offer a general promise that as long as any publicity can be said to represent the Satanic, then it will be productively used as part of our outgoing mail. A number of people are producing literature which is printed in full colour and on glossy paper, and obviously this would be the stuff that we would be interested in representing. As with everything else here discussed, people are invited to use our postal address on an open basis on which to send work. We make a point of getting back to our mail




Distribution of CDs for underground bands and secular organisations.



As a main part of our organisational work, we make a point that we put a large number of packages in through the use of the postal mail. Where possible we like to include peoples CDs as a part of some elaborate packages. This is not with the intention to specifically to promote any particular band, but more on the basis that we stand to represent Satanic religion as a statement in contemporary art. As with everything here discussed, people are welcome to send any amount of stuff to this address, and everything received will be productively used. People should be aware that everything received will be distributed on an ad hoc basis, but on these terms it is an accepted point that all CDs received by the SYF will in some way be included with our outgoing mail to other Satanic groups on an international basis. With everything else here taken into account, this tactic of distribution means that we stand as a platform whereby those making music or audio conceptualism of any description will be able to use us as a resource by which it will be possible that this work will be productively distributed to Satanic organisations in one way or another (as long as this work can be described as represented as being Satanic). If anything which might be received as having been sent out by the SYF might be in any way “not welcome”, then we would ask for it to be in turn passed on in the mail.





Terms of exchange.



This statement is issued as an open invitation for Satanic and secular organisations to send stuff to this address in terms of distribution as a part of our large amounts of outgoing mail. At the same time we have large amounts of our own literature which is intended to be distributed as a part of our religious statement as The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth, and we are happy to offer this as our statement of religious philosophy and art. We are always happy to talk in terms of exchange. It would ideally be best if these terms of exchange were on the basis of the points already discussed with this declaration, but if anyone might be interested in any of these points then please write to us through use of postal mail or send an e-mail. Whichever one is best.



In talking terms of exchange, this includes demo CDs from our audio conceptualist project, The Flux of Yellow Daisies. So far everything that has been sent out by the Flux has been on the basis of burned CD-Rs, packaged up in very basic terms as a statement in art. However, The Flux of Yellow Daisies are, at the time of writing, currently in the studio recording our first professional black metal CD, which is going by the working title Insecticide. The intention is that this will be properly packaged up on a professional basis, and this will be our intended plan to continue these tactics towards organisation. This project is currently going well and, as with everything else issued here, if anyone is interested in this idea, then people are openly invited to get in touch.




An appeal for support.



The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are an organisation run by a movement of homeless subversives in London. The stated idea behind our project is that we intend to work towards a unified Satanic religion of Darkness by compiling a comprehensive listing of Satanic organisations and black metal bands on an international basis. We have a large amount of published work to describe and explain our terms of organisation and statement of intent, including The Infernal Declaration which is a Manifesto statement and declaration of Satanic etiquette to represent our cause. All of this is available on request and is free – although we do prefer to work with trade as this means that we can be more active in terms of supporting other independent parts of an international religion of Satanic Darkness.



As a part of what we do in terms of organisation we have involved ourselves with the distribution and dissemination of literature and CDs for other parts of an International movement of Satanic religion. In this sense it is important that we have such publicity in terms of leaflets, flyers, stickers, as well as demo CDs in terms of having stuff to send out. However, we cannot deal with said publicity unless we have this stuff in the first place.

The Satanic Yearbook Foundation therefore disseminate this statement as an appeal to anyone who might be involved with any Satanic organisation to please send stuff to this address in the largest quantities that people are able to do so. As a Satanic representative organisation we uphold one Infernal religion of Satan on the basis of religious philosophy and art. Further to that our means of organisation mean that we can usually promise to distribute everything received, as long as it can be said to tie in with these declared aims.



The Satanic Yearbook cannot be organised without your support. Those in receipt of this Declaration of Tactics should feel free to forward it to those who might be in support of Satanic religious orientation, either through use of the post, or virally through use of electronic mail. Those who might want more information regarding The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, or those who might be interested in supporting our project through helping us to distribute our philosophical work, should feel welcome to contact us in response to this written statement.




In conclusion.



That really sums things up quite neatly. If anyone is interested in the ideas here discussed, then it would be best for people to contact us through use of e-mail, with our main contact address being . We would encourage people to register their group as a part of the SYF as the main important statement upheld as being our work, and all correspondence regarding our project, if not sent through use of e-mail, should be sent to:



The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, c/o Tim Thompson, 471 Caledonian Road, London N7 9RN, UK.

In concluding this statement, it might be important to make the point that, having openly pointed out that I stand as representative as a movement of the homeless, I am currently looking at being evicted from my current place after nearly six years. Another proof of this essay is intended for publication once I have a new address sorted, but this is a concluding statement in order to make this point as being important. A change of address campaign is planned, and we are asking people to get in touch to support this change of address campaign nearer to when I eventually am moved.
Tim Thompson.
High Priest for The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. 30 / 8 / 2015.