The Satanic Yearbook organise towards Satanic Religion as one Infernal religious cause. The Satanic religion, internationally, seems to be fragmented, disorganised and chaotic. Whilst organisations such as the Official Church of Satan are large scale and highly organised, there are thousands of small Black Metal distros internationally who are disorganised and small scale. Whilst Satanism is represented by media and demonised, we are still disorganised. Moves have been put into action, therefore, and we argue towards a justification for a unified front, and a unified Satanic religious cause.




The Satanic Yearbook Foundation establish internationally as an organisational body and Independent Satanic Chapel. The current situation is that thousands of independent Satanic distros and so on operate internationally. All of these groups struggle to sell CDs; larger groups operate completely independently from all others. If people decide to establish in the name of the Infernal Worship of Satan, then very often they’ve decided to do so by themselves.




The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are established to organise around this. Research has already begun to support such Satanic organisations, and we are currently working to establish an annual published listing of Satanic religious organisations.




The Satanic Yearbook will be published annually. Already massive research has started with all of this, and it is our intention to publish a comprehensive listing of as many Satanic organisations as we can.




The Satanic Yearbook has an open door. As well as our hereby declared organisation, anybody who would describe themselves as Satanic is welcome to get in touch, and we openly invite people to do so. Further to this the Satanic Yearbook Foundation are involved with the distribution of as much stuff as we are able to send out. People should feel free to contact us at this given address. People should feel free to send anything to this address, we will return mail. We are more than happy to send stuff out in order to support other Satanic groups.




The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are more interested in the artistic and religious nature of our representation of Satanic organisations. Whilst there are hugely successful rock acts representing the Worship of Satan, the very small scale Black Metal band might have as much insight into the Worship of Satan as religious. In working to unite Satanic religion as one independent statement of Worship, the Satanic Yearbook are interested in the conceptual before professional promotion and so on. This is the inspiration towards our concept, and we organise this concept out of a genuine interest in the Infernal.




The Satanic Yearbook might not be the right descriptive statement to use in defining this idea. Our project is bigger than that, and our listing is intended to go further to represent as many groups as possible who would wish to unite in the name of one Satanic cause. We are an organised statement under the banner of the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. Our religion also upholds the Lovecraftian, and our project is to represent this on the same level, whilst upholding this as our Statement of Intent.




The Satanic Yearbook Foundation have established to distribute as much publicity as we are able to under this statement. An advert for a small Black Metal band is a declaration of Satanic religion and is therefore a concept in itself. This is what we are established to support, and it is our intention to organise towards one Satanic religion by sending out as much literature in this regard as we are able. People should feel free to send pretty much anything to this address through use of the postal mail. We have established to be able to send this stuff out.




The Satanic Yearbook are organised to publish an international listing of Satanic organisations on an annual basis. Those new to our religion will have a resource by which they can organise as Satanic and research our religion. By approaching Satanic religion as a part of one resource we will immediately be more organised, and this will lead to a situation where we will be represented to stand as one religion of Darkness.




The Satanic Yearbook project is run for free. This project we have established as our own Independent Satanic Chapel. The work that will go into this project will be our own as we have dedicated our lives to the Infernal Worship of Satan. Submitting an entry for publication in the Satanic Yearbook will be free, as we are relying on you to allow this project to happen. Small Black Metal distros could see this as an advertising issue and a place to be represented, whilst the main Chapels should support us in that if we have organised to represent the Satanic then they should be listed as representative of the Infernal religion. People should feel free to approach us through e-mail or postal mail as they should choose to do so.




The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are in a position where we are also able to send out demos and so forth on CD. Whilst we are more interested in the artistic / religious nature of what we are established to represent, underground Black Metal bands and so forth should consider themselves welcome to exploit this offer. Again, please send stuff to this address.




The Satanic Yearbook declare ourselves as upholding policy whereby anyone representing the Satanic should consider themselves welcome to get in touch. For inclusion with this project we ask for general contact details (band name / distro name for example, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and so on) and a short statement of 300 – 400 words describing the project, to be sent to us via e-mail to This will be the statement that we will publish. As with promotional advertising and so on, please send this to our listed postal address. We will return mail and we will get back to you. As we are established to publish this Reference on an annual basis, we will be in contact with you once a year (more if this should be seen necessary) to update our information regarding print.



Tim Thompson. Main Organiser for the Satanic Yearbook High Priest for The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth.


Tim Thompson is the main organisational Head for the Satanic Yearbook Foundation and the High Priest for the Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. He has been homeless for a total of 29 years, and is currently living in a vicarage and Psychiatric rehabilitation project in central London. He recently qualified in the study of Psychology and Religion with outstanding honours, and is an officially registered Church of Satan member.