The Current Situation Regarding

the Satanic Yearbook.


Photograph of The High Priest of The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth



The Satanic Yearbook Foundation was a large scale organizational project in ecent terms, with a massive amount of work put in to organize a movement of religious cohesion of Satanic religion on international terms.   According to our published rules of Satanic etiquette – the points of philosophy that are represented as part of this website – massive amounts of postal mail were sent internationally to represent a philosophical movement, and thee Satanic Yearbook Foundation established as a main media group to represent Satanic religion as a valid and sound religious perspective.

The main points of strategy involved with the SYF as a massive movement of international campaign, however, worked according to our website as our main central hub towards legitimate organization.  Whilst our experience established to teach that most factions of Satanic religion did not want to be represented under one central umbrella, as we established to represent, we continued to work to establish our website in order to work towards a central representative statement.

We did have to admit that the traffic coming through our website – as part of our religious campaign – was much, much less than we’d expected in response to the huge amount of campaign work done to establish our cause.  It was only recently – after this amount of campaign had already gone down – that the reason for this became established.  Whilst I had thought that there should be much more response from the movement of Satanic religion that we'd eestablished to represent, the reason for this was not immediately clear.

It was only recently that I, as the head of a large scale group, sussed what was going on.  Whilst I’d been quite careful in programming our website, the online webforms, the postal campaign, and everything else involved, it was only in going back to generally check on previous work, that I’d noticed that the webforms for the Internet page that we’d used as our main focus for this religious campaign – didn’t properly work.  This came across as an immediate point to explain how, and the reasons why, our religious campaign had not come together as we’d wanted as the result of a massive amount of organization.

This new work on our website is programmed in respect to this as a specific issue in hand, and The Satanic Yearbook Foundation must apologise to everyone who has supported our movement, and to everyone who might have intended to issue a statement for inclusion under the Satanic Yearbook – the listing of Satanic groups as represented and culminating with the web page which is now available at

In having issued an apology to our international base of religious and practical religious campaign, this website has been re-programmed under this declared apology, and is a current statement of transition.  We would ask that if anyone has tried to issue a written statement to The Satanic Yearbook, or if anyone has previously tried to contact the group, please bare with us.  Our current means of campaign is to re-establish under this as an open declaration, and we re-issue this statement of declaration that The Satanic Yearbook Foundation will continue to support Satanic religion, as we have openly established to represent as our point of religious philosophical thought.  This work continues, aside from a point that personal circumstances necessitate that further operations are now, and on future terms, organized further through use of cyberspace as our main strategy of organization, this as aside from a strategy of postal campaign that was previously our cause.

Whilst I’m writing, The Satanic Yearbook Foundation would like to thank all of our supporters and friends on an international scale, whilst we intend to continue to support the cause of a United Religion of Darkness. Hail Satan 666.


Tim Telsa.  15 / 1 / 2018.