The Satanic Yearbook

Foundation.  A Secular Declaration

and Statement of Intent





For the purposes of academic reference this website was

last amended 21 / 5 / 2018


People should be aware that The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, as we used to exist, are no longer a running organization.  The original idea behind our project was that, in working to compile a comprehensive listing of Satanic groups internationally, our work was mainly focused on organizing through means of sending the greatest amount of international postal mail as we were able.  Things have now moved on past this as one situation, with my personal studies of Theology as an Undergraduate student being the main focus of my activities.  This website should therefore be seen in this historical context.  The work of the SYF does continue, however, with our use of cyberspace being what is currently left of our work.  As a result of this situation, we continue to work as an online organization, and those who wish to be represented by The Satanic Yearbook foundation can assume that if they would like to use the online web forms which are still current as part of this website, then they will be represented as part of the listing which is currently organized under

Tim Telsa 2017.



If this document would describe the Aims and Intent of the SYF as an Independent Satanic Temple, then the Satanic Yearbook Foundation are hereby declared as being a new organisation dedicated to representing a Universal Satanic religion on the international basis of which such religion works. This Website is, therefore, established in order to clearly represent the Aims and Intentions of the Satanic Yearbook Foundation, and has been specifically issued in order to provide a number of Webforms whereby Satanic / Black Metal organisations, bands and related Chapels, can be organised in order to represent a unified Satanic religious cause.


The organization behind this rreligious organizational work, The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth, are a recently established new religious movement, established to honour the existence of the Great OId Ones as one religious truth, whilst supporting the wider movement of religious Satanism. Our religious Manifesto can be accessed at, but further to this we are established to support the Infernal religion of Satanism, as a massive international movement, as one unified religious cause. If world religions can be seen as standing as equal independent movements, there is one true religion of Satanism, and the Cult of R'lyeh believe that Satanism as a large number of unified but chaotic organisations, should be organised to be represented as one unified movement. This website gives our Manifesto statement, as well as a number of Webforms whereby the religious movements of Satanism can be unified under one Infernal banner of unity.


The Satanic Yearbook Foundation offer this as our Website to organise towards such a unified Satanic Cause. We are also organised to support the religion of the Horned God by sending out as much Satanic literature and music as we are able to do, and people should e-mail us if they would like to be further involved with our sending stuff out for such Satanic organisations on their behalf. We would also welcome anyone with any involvement with anything Satanic to please forward our details and this Website URL to people who might choose to get further involved.


The Satanic Yearbook Foundation offer an open door policy, whereby anyone with any invovement with anything Satanic (and, for that metter we make a point to represent the Lovecraftian and other secular causes) is openly welcome to get involved. Our e-mail link is given below, and if you would like us to carry information on your behalf as part of our postal campaign, or if you'd like to be involved in any way at all, people are more than welcome to contact us through use of Cyberspace.



Our Web Form for people to register Satanic Zines. This link is given as part of this website so that those who have any involvement with Zines or underground publications which are organized to support Satanic / secular religions, or publications which might represent underground black metal, will be easily able to issue a statement for inclusion with The Satanic Yearbook online. This stands to support web zines and publications run on the internet on these same terms. As people who do large amounts of campaign work to support Satanic religion internationally, we are happy to involve ourselves further with representative publications on organizational terms, although if people wish not to be involved any further than using this website to issue a statement for publication in The Satanic Yearbook, then we are equally happy to take this on board.


Our Web Form for people to register Black Metal Bands. The Satanic Yearbook Foundation accept the thousands of underground black metal bands run internationally, as being the main representative statements to represent an infernal religion of darkness. People are fee to issue statements regarding their rock bands and audio conceptualist projects under our website, and The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are representing this movement equally in standing to represent this means towards religious organization. As with all of our work, we campaign internationally to represent Satanic religion as a philosophical / artistic / religious issue, and people are welcome to involve themselves with our campaign on a greater or lesser basis as they should choose to after issuing a statement through our main webpage representation. Please contact us through e-mail of you might have further issues to discuss.


Our Web Form for Satanic Organizations to register their groups Our first intended Statement of Intent to be issued from The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, is to create an international listing of Satanic groups on international terms, to be updated annually. Our religious campaign work has established a point that there are thousands of independent Satanic groups comprising one unified Religion of Darkness, although the Worship of Satan as the God of the Rebel means that the entire movement remains as being still quite fragmented and chaotic. We work towards a more organized and cohesive religion of darkness, and we campaign to uphold this as our statement of religious intention. Our main point of organization is the website you have accessed here, and we are established on the basis that anyone who might represent the “Satanic” in any way whatsoever, can be represented by us as a religious campaigning group established to represent one cause. We actively welcome all Satanic organizations to support (whilst also supporting other religious movements) and to work with us on literally any level on which they are happy to do so. The Satanic Yearbook Foundation declare ourselves as being representative of one Infernal religion of Darkness. Hail Satan 666.

The twelve point Satanic Etiquette of the SYF The general Aims & Intentions of the Satanic Yearbook Foundation as an Independent Satanic Temple are stated here as information regarding the Etiquettte and Statement of Intent as represented by the SYF, should this be seeen as important to those who should wwant to be involved. This statement has also been issued in published format, although our current situation regarding organization means that this document currently only exists online.



To The Satanic Underground As a part of the work upheld by The Satanic Yearbook Foundation, it is often the case that we promote statements of religious philosophy that represent our cause. This is another statement that discusses our organisation and what we are established to represent. Those supporting our religious terms of organisation should feel welcome to promote this statement in representing our work, on our behalf if they should choose to represent our statement.


The Religious values upheld by the Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth The relgious views of the organisation responsible Running The Satanic Yearbook Foundation differ from the religious orientation involved with Satanism on quite a radical basis, and it is important that this point should be established. However, it is our position, as Degree Level students of Theology, to argue a justification for Satanism under our banner of representing one religious truth. Those who might want to read up on the religious values upheld by the Cult of R'Lyeh can access our religious values online as part of the Website given here.


THE CURRENT SITUATION REGARDING THE SATANIC YEARBOOK FOUNDATION Since establishing our organization, a few years ago now, a lot of things have been organized and left as statements of recent history. This is a short statement regarding our current situation, and where operations now stand under the Worship of Satan as upheld by the collective Worship of the Great Old Ones.


Contact us at Any questions or points to issue to The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are welcome to get in touch regarding any issues at all. This is a direct link through which e-mail can be directly sent. We welcome anything in terms of incoming correspondence, and make a point of answering incoming correspondence.


Tim Telsa

High Priest for The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth